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CTP invests in the facilities and infrastructure from CTPark Bucharest West


CTP continues to strengthen its position on the domestic market through a series of major investments in the development of CTPark Bucharest West. Currently, the property registers the fastest growth rhythm in Romania and its built surface exceeds 300,000 m² after two new buildings were delivered recently. According to CTP’s appraisals, CTPark Bucharest West will reach 400,000 m² built area of A class warehousing space, by the end of 2018. CTPark Bucharest West is designed to become the largest logistics and industrial park in Eastern Europe, with a built area projected to reach 1 million square meters over the next few years.

CTP just completed and delivered in CTPark Bucharest West two buildings with a total surface of over 100,000 m² for existing clients, most of which conduct logistic activities. The developer has two other buildings under development, with a total built area of approximately 200,000 m², that are scheduled for delivery in a few phases, in 2018 and 2019, as follows:

  • Circa 70,000 m² are comprised in one building that will be completed in two stages: about 25,000 m² in Q3 2018 and approximately 45,000 m² in Q1 2019;
  • The second building will occupy almost 130,000 m², out of which 22,000 m² will be finalized in Q1 2019, and over 100,000 m² are scheduled for delivery in Q3 and Q4 2019;

CTPark Bucharest West is our most ambitious projects. Its fast growth rhythm, due to the high level of demand from our tenants, is proof of the projects success, and also a good challenge for us, which we are happy to rise up to. CTPark Bucharest West is set to become the most important logistics park in the region, in terms of built area, development pace and above the market quality standards. Not only that we are significantly expanding our built area, but we also are constantly improving the quality and range of services that we are offering throughout the park. Thereby, our future investment plans include the increase of our on-site facilities and services, in order to make sure that our tenants’ businesses are able develop in the best possible conditions”, stated Iulia Bușcă, Commercial & Business Development Manager of CTP Romania.

CTP is committed to providing premium services and helping its customers grow their business. In order to support CTPark Bucharest West’s accelerated expansion, the company will develop new facilities for its tenants and their employees working on site. These modern retail facilities will include:

  • A new canteen with 165 seats that will be able to serve between 2000 and 3000 people per day and is scheduled for delivery in Q1 2019;
  • A medical point staffed and equipped to provide first-aid, labor medicine and fast-consultation services for all those working in CTPark Bucharest West, that will be finalized in Q1 2019;
  • Transportation services that will provide a direct connection between the park and the city;
  • Support services in the recruitment of new work force for CTP’s tenants;
  • CTBox Units – The three-in-one functionality of the CTBox concept provides showroom, warehousing and office space in one efficient unit. CTBoxes are designed to support a wide range of activities, from test facilities and light manufacturing to R&D and wholesale/retail operations. Built-in flexibility makes it easy to expand or customize CTBox units as business grows. The building will be completed in Q1 2019;
  • A new gas station, a supermarket, a truck wash station parking area and service center are among the other new facilities to be delivered in the next period in CTPark Bucharest West;
  • The main road inside the park will also be extended, in order to create more space for the tenants and to ease their transit through the park.

Significant improvements of the local infrastructure are also announced in the future. The local authorities intend to develop a new bridge over the A1 highway, which will decongest the traffic in the area, thus helping to develop CTP customers’ business from the industrial park situated at km 23, as well as the local community. According to current prognosis, the necessary construction permits for the bridge will be obtained by the end of 2018, and the construction works will begin in the spring of 2019 and is expected to be completed in Q4 2019.

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