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Garanti Leasing actively supports sustainable entrepreneurial projects and finances a fleet of 20 electric cars


Garanti Leasing, part of Garanti Romania, one of the most dynamic financial groups on the local market, fiances 20 Renault Zoe cars, with over EUR 300,000, as part of its strategy to actively support sustainable entrepreneurial projects, as well as other initiatives that have a positive impact on the community and the environment.

The 20 Renault Zoe cars financed by Garanti Leasing are 100% electric and can be fully charged within 2 hours and 40 minutes, at a 22kW charging station.

“Garanti Leasing’s long term strategy is to approach is our customers with financial services tailored to their needs. Moreover, our objective is to align these solutions to the latest techonologic developments, in order to best distinguish themeselves on the market. We are proud to have clients that enable us to be true supporters of sustainable projects and we wish to further contribute to these kinds of initiatives in the future”, stated Okan Yurtsever, Director General, Garanti Leasing.

As Europe’s number 1 selling EV last year, Renault’s all-electric city car boasts a sleek, futuristic design and homely interior styling, plus agile response with a chassis specifically designed for electric power. In real traffic, Renault Zoe can run up to 300 km without charging, depending on driver’s driving style and environmental factors, reaching a maximum speed of 135km/h. The vehicles integrate the most advanced electric technology and have obtained 5 stars in the passive safety tests EURO NCAP. In addition, Renault Zoe was declared “Green Apple Pure Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Champion 2017”.

In 2017, Garanti Leasing has granted new financing worth over EUR 80 million. The distribution of new funded assets, in 2017, was balanced between vehicles, equipment and real estate.


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