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In “Soft FM” services, people and communication make all the difference


The Facility Management (FM) field covers a wide variety of services. Depending on the profile and diversity of customer demand, they may range from ad-hoc services to integrated services that include the full range of FM services.

Soft Facilities Management services generate pleasant ambiance and differentiation

Together with the technical services and maintenance of the equipment and the infrastructure of the built-in premises (FM hard), the non-technical services (FM software) ensure the pleasant environment and the safety environment for the staff working in the arranged spaces.

Whether we refer to cleaning, fumigation, pest control, landscaping, or protection and security, people are the defining element in assuring a high-quality service. A percentage of 70% -80% of the costs of these services is allocated to the supervising of the staff.

Communication provides customers with an excellent service delivery experience

The permanent training of the company personnel, the regular evaluations of the contracted activities, the permanent concern for identifying new solutions for the FM services create a framework of trust, control and comfort for the beneficiaries of the respective facilities and spaces.

Adequate communication with the client, the responsive approach of requests, the clear and specific communication, the correct knowledge and understanding of the demands made by the client, and the availability of a wide range of means and methods of action ensure the development of a durable partnership based on trust and professionalism in delivering non-technical FM services.

Soft FM services require an ongoing communication with the end-users

The quality of these services is marked by the perception of the final beneficiaries. If we take the example of a green space fitting or grooming, we know that the result of these activities can be affected by environmental factors, material or human factors.

A customer-specific analysis of the actions performed by the non-technical service provider can be done correctly based on a plan of operations and communicating the possible variables. The specific perception of the results can be done with a certain subjectivity, but the real-time communication of the status of the work to the client can eliminate unnecessary inconsistencies or pressured situations.

Customer loyalty is only secured through collaboration and professionalism

Thus, beyond the materials, equipment and utensils used, the verbal or non-verbal communication has an essential role in securing the loyalty of the customers as well as making the company a “top of mind” choice in the beneficiary’s mental plan.

According to the results of the study “The barometer of customer centricity in Romania” by the consulting company Valoria, although for 75% of the companies the knowledge of consumer needs comes first, the consumer experience is relevant only to 18% of the companies. Also, 42% of the respondents say they provide training to their employees to understand the customer-centric approach of the company, but only 33% turn their customer-centric values into action within the organization.

Because we understand the importance of these elements, differentiating the quality of non-technical services on the Romanian market is the permanent concern of the management of the FMS company. We invest in our people and our people always meet the promise of value we make to our clients.

Author: Georgia Popescu, Soft Services Manager, Facilities Management Services company


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