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MedEuropa, the first radiotherapy center in Constanța is now open


Starting May 24, 2018, MedEuropa, the first radiotherapy center in Constanța, which operates under day-care regimen and uses state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment of oncological patients, started its activity.

The MedEuropa clinic in Constanța currently benefits from a state-of-the-art linear accelerator, Elekta Infinity, and a Siemens Somatom Definition AS computer tomograph, as well as the PTW dosimetry equipment used to periodically calibrate and check the irradiation quality. By the end of 2018, the second linear accelerator is scheduled for installation, with the same technical specifications as the first one. The medical center also has a salon for day hospitalization, for supportive care and oncological diseases monitoring, as well as medical offices for specialized consultations.

The MedEuropa medical team is coordinated by Dr. Cristian Barbu, radiotherapist and the medical activity of the Constanța Center is headed by Dr. Cora Aurelia Gache, radiotherapist. The team of medical physicists is coordinated by Mihai Suditu, an expert in medical physics. The medical department is supplemented with medical personnel according to the norms in force and good medical practice, MedEuropa Constanta thus creating over 30 new jobs.

“Elekta Infinity, equipped with the Agility Collimator, enables imagistic guided radiotherapy using the latest IMRT/VMAT irradiation techniques. This type of radiotherapy uses a non-homogeneous dose distribution, reduces treatment time, improves accuracy, and reduces toxicity by correcting potential changes in the tumour or risk organs. These techniques are used to irradiate the tumours of the ENT sphere, the thorax, the pelvis, the skull, where the tumour is close to a very sensitive organ. Elekta Volume View – the integrated imaging method in Elekta Infinity systems – allows us to check the tumour volume position of healthy tissues in the vicinity of the tumour volume before each radiotherapy session. This way, the size, shape and position of the tumour and healthy tissues can be quickly confirmed in relation to the treatment plan”, commented Dr. Cristian Barbu, Medical Director, MedEuropa.

The medical center will be able to treat by radiotherapy about 1,000 new oncology patients per year, and through ensuring the radiation treatment by the Health Insurance House of Constanța, these treatments will be free of charge. MedEuropa has taken all legal steps to the Constanta Health Insurance House so that oncological patients addressing the center can benefit from radiotherapy treatment free of charge. Until the conclusion of the contract for radiotherapy services with the Health Insurance House of Constanta, the MedEuropa Medical Center will offer free of charge radiotherapy services to a limited number of patients.

“We chose Constanta to open the first MedEuropa clinic because medical statistics show that in the Dobrogea region, totalling one million people, more than 3,000 new patients with oncological diseases are registered each year and there are no medical units in the area to provide radiotherapy services. At MedEuropa, our mission is to maintain and redress our patients’ health and ameliorate their suffering through quality radiotherapy using state-of-the-art technology and the experience of a valuable team of medical doctors, physicians, nurses. The activity of our unit is dedicated to the patients and their needs through a proper, accurate and balanced medical act”, said Dr. Bogdan Angheloiu, General Manager MedEuropa.

The development of the project started two years ago by obtaining the necessary authorizations. The construction of the center was carried out for 10 months and was followed by the installation of the equipment and the obtaining of the necessary authorizations, issued by the local authorities, the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control and by the Ministry of Health. The MedEuropa Constanța project represents an investment of over 5 million Euro, made through a fully private financing.

MedEuropa is planning to develop a chain of up to 10 radiotherapy clinics in a 5-year horizon, geographically correlated to the treatment needs of patients. The development of the next MedEuropa clinic is in progress in Bucharest, and this clinic will be completed in the third trimester of 2019. In Romania, more than 100,000 new oncology patients are diagnosed annually, according to medical practice protocols, more than 60% of them should have included radiotherapy as a treatment method.

MedEuropa is a project developed by Philippe Jacobs, co-chair of Jacobs Holdings Group, in partnership with Ascenta Management, an investment management company whose partners have been active on the local market since 2007. Another notable investment developed by Ascenta Management in collaboration with Philippe Jacobs is the Coresi Business Park office project in Brasov.

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